Of the amateur radio time

Hi friends, since 1956 I am constructing and flying modellairplanes. This brought me 1978 to hamradio when I saw some fellows handling handhelds. This was very interesting for me and I learned that they were hams and that a permition is necessary in order to get a hamradio callsign. As my profession was not far away from the technical knowlegde which was necessary to get through the examination it was not very difficult to get a callsign after also having learned the code. So I combine both hobbies and fly my modells in summertime and carry on hamradio all over the year. I enjoy my hobbies very much.
With respect to hamradio I prefer CW and digital operation.

I received the following certificates: DXCC-Mixed, DXCC-CW, 160m DXCC,
WAZ, 5 Band WAZ, WAC, 5 Band WAC, WAS, DLD 100 KW,
DLD 100 UKW, #1 Honor-Roll-Mixed, Honor-Roll-CW, WAE-TOP

I am member of: DARC, LARC, SDXG, GDXF

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