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The History of the city of Lampertheim

Population:  Approx.  32000
City Parts:   4
Location:   49 Deg,  36 Min, North  8 Deg,  28 Min, East
Elevation:   94m re NN

The History:

At the very outset, in 832, Lampertheim was referred to as LANGOBARDONHEIM. MARKET RIGHTS were sanctioned in 1716.

On 4th August 1951, city rights were granted by the government of the state of Hessen. On 1st October 1971, Lampertheim was authorised by the government of Hessen to incorporate the communities of HOFHEIM and ROSENGARTEN.  Effective 1st August 1972, independent plots of land from WEHRZOLLHAUS and the former independent district of SEEHOF, with the exception of several plots of land which were allocated to the city of Lorsch, were incorporated to the city of Lampertheim. (Rule for restructuring of the administrative district of Bergstraße dated 11th July 1972).

The INCORPORATION to the city of Lampertheim of the former district of RENNHOF which belonged to the city of Hemsbach, was implemented on 21st June 1983 by ratification contract dated 18th March 1983 between the state of Hessen and the state of Baden Württemberg.

Lampertheim was probably founded during the Franconian colonisation and was mentioned the first time in 832.

The former rural village has developed into a future-oriented city with a high quality of life for the 32.000 inhabitants.

A lot of stores, social institutions, associations and an outstanding assortment of schools and adult evening classes as well as the wide range of possibilities for one’s spare time like: sport facilities, stadium, forest, open air bath and indoor swimming pool, library etc., make it attractive to live in Lampertheim.

The town twinning with the cities Ermont and Dieulouard (with Hofheim) in France, Wierden in the Netherlands, Maldegem in Belgium and Adria in Italy are demonstrating the interest of the population of Lampertheim towards Europe.

Even enjoying the “countryside” is possible in Lampertheim. The territory of the isle “Biedensand”/river “Rhine” is one of the largest natural preserve areas in Hesse. This variety of flora and fauna is a real paradise for all those, who want to relax, to take a walk or to bicycle.

Everybody who is interested in the history of the city has the possibility to visit the museum of local history (“Heimatmuseum”).

The “Altrhein” (creek of river “Rhine”), the open air bath and the indoor swimming pool are ideal places for water sports fans.

But also gourmets will like our town, when they taste the famous “Lampertheim asparagus”!

Aspargus engraver family idyll

Lampertheim and its districts

Lampertheim’s districts Hofheim, Hüttenfeld, Neuschloss and Rosengarten are also favoured places to live. During the last years, their infrastructures have been notable improved by creating new industrial and residential estates.

Lampertheim is an ideal place for industrial investments

Thanks to the good railway network, the motorways near-by as well as the accessible river “Rhine”, the town is a good location for trade and industry.

Several chemical companies, metal processing and car industries are providing jobs and are an important economical factor for the city and the whole province, because of their productivity and their profitability.

The many transmission masts of the shortwave broadcaster Radio Free Europe Lampertheim, one of the biggest shortwave transmission facilities in Germany, are up to 125 m tall. They are guyed steel-lattice masts, set in pairs in a row, bearing dipole antennae. Some of these transmission masts are linked to each other by crossbeams furnished with catwalks.

Excursions to the surrounding area

There are many other destinations to discover in the surrounding area of Lampertheim:For example, the famous university city of Heidelberg with its wonderful castle (45 km), the cathedrals of Worms (10 km) and Speyer (40 km), the cities Mannheim and Ludwigshafen (15 km).

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